First Thing’s First: What Are We?

We are Infinite.

In 1995 in a small, dark, kitchen, Sami and Corey dreamed about starting their own business. Their passion for beer and locally sourced ingredients lead them to the creation of Infinite Brewery, a small microbrewery in the Cowichan Valley. Their goal was to ensure that all people could have a beer choice that suited their palate, and worked hard with local farmers to source local ingredients and flavours, that gave their customers the flavours that they were searching for.

 Shortly after the first few batches of beer were made, Mike, and Samantha joined the team. Mike had 20 years of experience in the customer service field behind him, and his lovely wife Samantha was an up and coming Brewmaster looking for a place to create unique beers and ciders. With their help, Infinite began to thrive and became a well-known and reputed name on Vancouver Island. The seasonal beers offered became a hit all over, and people started asking for more.

In 2010, after 15 years of creation and work in the Cowichan Valley, Infinite Brewery decided it was time to expand. They bought property along the downtown Victoria waterway, and then proceeded to build a state of the art Brewery, event center, and taphouse that could be opened to the public. The goal was to make a place where they could do all of the things they love all at the same time. With Corey, and Samantha working in the brewery, it left more time for Mike to work in the event center and Sami to focus on the taphouse.

This taphouse worked with culinary masters from across the globe to create a menu designed to pair well with the beers they were bringing out seasonally. Sourcing hops, yeasts, and as many ingredients from local vendors as possible, the small Bewery from up-island suddenly had a big name and reputation behind it. Their first commercial big hit, the Pineapple Hefeweisen, became such a popular summer beer that they decided to make it a permanent addition to their facilities. This was shortly followed by a strongly crafted IPA, Coffee Stout, Citra Pale Ale, Gentle Lager, as well as a dry apple and a pear cider on permanent tap at the Taphouse. Now, after 8 years as a local establishment with a returning customer base, Infinite has established 10 taps of their own local beer and cider, and also feature over 15 rotational taps from other breweries along the sunshine coast. These taps include beers from Lighthouse Brewing Company in Esquimalt, Moody Ales Brewery in Port Moody, as well as 33 Acres Brewing Company.

Now, after 8 years in Victoria, Infinite is now looking to add more to their brewery and retire a few of their local brews. Sami and Corey are stepping back from Infinite Brewery and Taphouse, and leaving Samantha and Mike in charge of day to day operations. Corey and Sami’s goal is to search the globe for new and exciting flavours, food, and beers to bring back to Infinite.


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